About Us

Proportion Studio of Design is a company with integrity and diversity. We always consider the social contexts on any design brief, while our main objective is to always satisfy our clients with meticulous detail on any scale of project.  

Proportion Studio of Design is an energetic design specialist firm which aims at offering exclusive design programs and strategies that are integrated within spatial solutions.   

We seek to create an unforgettable, personable, and a sensational interactive space for clients and consumers. 

Our background context enables the business to take extreme steps of integrating the knowledge of objects in spaces that excite human behavior through interaction and experience.  

The Studio of Design is a theoretically driven design firm with high operational effectiveness in order to meet our client’s needs. We offer a multitude of services based on the amount of resources available. 

Our service is important to us and our clients. We always consider the health and safety of the social and environmental context as it is our responsibility to do so.